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Every Western Christian Should Read This Book


I highly recommend the book Principles for the Gathering of Believers under the Headship of Jesus Christ .    It gives great insight into noticing where there might be some voids in a western Christian mindset;  (To Quote) ” as one of the most Christ-centered, comprehensive and spiritually practical books on the Church that I have read in a long time.  It not only communicates the truth concerning the life and practice of the New Testament Church, but also the spirit of the New Testament Church comes across powerfully through its pages. In addition, it’s testimonies and insights from the underground churches in China, North Korea and Iran are powerful, convicting and compelling.

I believe this is a strategic manual for the Church in this last day, given by the Spirit, to help prepare the Body of Christ for its end-time mission, as well as for the persecution that will undoubtedly accompany it.” –Christ Centered

The e version is free.

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