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Proverbs 3 & 4

Accompanies the Post “Follow the Spirit to Safety” Proverbs 3Expanded Bible (EXB) Advice to Children 3 My ·child [L son], do not forget my ·teaching [instruction; law],     but ·keep my commands in mind [L let your heart/mind protect my commands]. 2 Then ·you will live a long time,     and your life will be successful [L length of days and years […]


Is My Kid Learning Enough?

How do I know if my child is learning enough? How do I keep on track with the Texas Education Agency requirements? What if I may put my child back in public school and need them to stay on grade level? I’ve tried three things. First, was the hard way.  Print off the TEA pdf […]


Last Minute Curriculum-School Choices

There are times when, for one reason or another, a family will decide, in August, to home school.  It’s not the best idea because of the stress it invokes, but let’s face it.  It happens.  So now what? First, Know that Homeschool Curriculums should really be thought of as “Levels,” not “Grades.” Meaning, if your […]


How Much Does It Cost To Homeschool?

One of the big hurdles a family coming out of Public School will face is adjusting to paying for education; whereas, before, it was rolled into the rent or mortgage.   Homeschooling can very quickly turn into an inexpensive private school.   It’s a tradeoff and there’s no easy way around it.  It just is.   However, if […]

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