How Much Does It Cost To Homeschool?

One of the big hurdles a family coming out of Public School will face is adjusting to paying for education; whereas, before, it was rolled into the rent or mortgage.   Homeschooling can very quickly turn into an inexpensive private school.   It’s a tradeoff and there’s no easy way around it.  It just is.   However, if you were a family that spent a fair amount on fundraisers, T-shirts, uniforms and Field Trips; then, be encouraged, you may not find it that bad!

Elementary grades may spend $100-300 on books, curriculum and supplies for the first child.  With younger children who can grow into the material there are considerable savings.

I’ve seen High Schoolers spend over $1000 on one, very good, class.

Kits for entire grades including DVD’s of classes are around $1000 per grade.

There is an incredibly broad range of possibilities out there and some very good free resources on the internet.


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