Michael & Tonya

Michael & Tonya are pastors, intercessors and worship leaders. They love all God's Glory Across The Nationsthings guitars, plants, sushi, wood projects, electronic gadgets, and Texas BBQ.  They have extensive business and leadership experience, and have held successful careers in both Technology and Finance and are engaged full-time in marketplace ministry.  Through their various roles in the marketplace and in ministry, Michael & Tonya are able to draw upon a broad spectrum of wisdom, coaching, and application of spiritual principles to help connect others to the Lord, helping them realize the fullness of their identity and potential.

We are called to be present with others when it’s too hard to pray, in seasons where you need someone to come into agreement with you for a breakthrough, and in seasons where you need community to help knock on the door of Heaven for an answer.  Only He can answer prayers, but He longs to do so!!!

Our VISION is to be a conduit of the Lord as He brings hope, encouragement and freedom through reconciliation, restoration and inner healing.  Worship and prayer are key components to how this process works.

Our DESIRE is to walk alongside people in a one on one setting, a small group setting, a local congregation, or an event, and pray WITH them for what they need; encouraging them to realize what the Lord sees in them, and how He wants to connect their lives with the greater story that is being written – His story that is playing out all around us.


We believe the Lord is saying the time is NOW to realize who you really are – the person He sees you to be, even if you don’t yet know what that means or what it looks like.  Even as our world continue to change, we know that the “true light is already shining” and will continue to get brighter.

We believe so much can be ours simply because the Lord is a good Father and has already promised to give us “everything we need for life and godliness”…so what are you seeking the Lord for right NOW?

  • Do you long for true freedom in your heart and mind?
  • Do you feel trapped and unable to move forward – in any area of your life?
  • Has there been a “waking up” or a stirring inside of you that you might be missing something but don’t know what that is?
  • Do you wonder if God is really there, and really does care about where you are in life?
  • When is the last time you felt a true peace and joy that wasn’t dependent on the circumstances in your life?
  • Ever wondered what it really looks like to know God as a loving, capable and present Father?

We don’t claim to know the answer to these questions but we know the One who does, and He is ready to speak to you right where you are!!!

You can reach us through our Contact page.


The Lord is Good – The best is yet to come!!!

Michael & Tonya

Habakkuk 2:14

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