Timeless Legacy
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Timeless… …Is the sequence of ETERNITY from the very beginning to the very end; Exhausted are our years when life itself is siphoned from our mortal frame. …Are the PURPOSES that brought our lives into being and set us in motion at this place and time; Empty are the hollows of a mind that has […]

Life is a Tapestry
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The Tapestry

The Tapestry There it hung, the centerpiece in a gallery of strange articles, all cast in shades of gray. For some reason, this one piece stands out. Here before me is a long slender cloth like object, hung on an elegant bronze frame. Shining silver threads begin to glitter as the folds of this tapestry […]

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Blog Live Life Now Michael

The Lord’s Favor

The Lord’s Favor – Reflections from a Season of Crisis One of my favorite authors, Patrick Morley writes about the “Dark Night of the Soul”, which is to me, a season of crisis…one of unanswered questions. Many a time we find ourselves in an unfamiliar place; a place of solitude “filled” with a maddening quiet. […]

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