Timeless Legacy
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Is the sequence of ETERNITY from the very beginning to the very end;

Exhausted are our years when life itself is siphoned from our mortal frame.

Are the PURPOSES that brought our lives into being and set us in motion at this place and time;

Empty are the hollows of a mind that has no purpose and no direction.

Is the PEACE that quells the storms in our lives;

Persistent is the regret that haunts the soul for a life not lived.

Is the HOPE that waits for us when we lack the courage to take another breath;

Bitter is the pain of betrayal from unmet expectations.

Is the LOVE that walks beside us each day should we stop and listen for its gentle whisper;

Vain is the anger that passes from one generation to another for sins long passed.

Is the COURAGE that calls us to be strong and hold fast when all else breaks loose;

Shallow is the ingenuity of our plans to navigate a perfect course through life.

Is the MESSAGE we carry as ambassadors from another world;

Sadness is the burden we bear when faced with the cold rejection of another lost soul.

Is the DREAM inside all of us that compels us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves;

Wasted are the plans to find purpose in this reality apart from Jesus Christ.

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