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Are You Planted?

Take a look at the picture for this blog.  These plants were perfectly good plants a month ago.  They were watered sufficiently for the nice weather and looked perfectly healthy.  What’s changed?  In a few weeks time the heat has been turned up.  They are receiving the same amount of water but yet they are dying.  Are you?   Plants are meant to be planted …. in the ground, not in isolated pots.

You probably think I’m about to say this spiritual lethargy is because you are not able to meet in big public gatherings.  I’m not.  That’s just it. You are meant to be planted in the Word, not just the Logos word, the written Bible, but the John 1:1 living Word, Himself: Jesus.  You are a spiritual being meant to be abiding in the presence of God, by the blood of Jesus.

The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is has exponentially more to offer than we typically find in a Sunday morning service.  Why?  Because that’s only one small part of Christianity.  Many have found in this time of church shut-down that while they ‘knew’ the church wasn’t the building, but it turns out that there was a major void hiding in the business.  You may not know it yet, but one of that major causes of Christians becoming atheists in college is because they never met Jesus in their raised-in-the church-building upbringing.  It’s because it’s only a small part of what it means to be a Christian.  I highly recommend the book Principles for the Gathering of Believers under the Headship of Jesus Christ .  The e version is free.  It gives great insight into noticing where there might be some voids in a western Christian mindset.

Brother, will you pray today?  Will you read the bible today? more than that, will you ask Pappa to show you how to abide more deeply ?

If you can’t, will you message a friend and work through why?  This ‘new normal’ is not going away any time soon.  Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God. – Revelation 3:2.  Abba Father wants to use this time of isolation, stress, and civil war to get our attention, to bring repentance for the purpose of drawing us closer to Him and bringing salvation to a hurting world.

Yes, we are meant to live in community.  Yes, it is ok to grieve the loss of our gatherings in this season; but Christianity is much, much more than that.  Step out of the boat and you’ll find a whole new world waiting for you!

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