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Why I Chose Christ

Have you ever felt a hunger in your heart for something that’s missing? What about that longing that there must be something more? Along the path of life, I found one thing to be certain; and, that was that there was a higher power in the Universe. Life was directed and guided by something other than myself and it’s hand was unmistakable. Car accidents that I shouldn’t have walked away from; surgery complications that not many survive; a guiding presence in my waking and in my dreams that all pointed to one thing; the existence of something outside myself that wanted to protect and guide. There was also, it seemed, a presence outside myself that wanted to destroy.

Many world religions speak of this battle between good and evil. In fact, some, like Hinduism and Taoism, consider it a key tenet. In college, I studied world religions and found them intriguing but lacking. It stimulated the mind to consider how so many cultures have similar creation and flood stories; and yet, I found lacking that most theologies left the pleasure of their god in the hands of man’s efforts. For me, atheism was never a consideration. Atheism seemed more a place to be stuck when one was either mad at their god for perceived wrongs or else wanting to go their own way and needing to rid themselves of the constraints of their religion’s morality.

The world religions all seemed to try and answer some pretty important questions that are common to man. This is interesting in itself; the fact that mankind across the ages and cultures perpetually asks the same questions.

  • what to do with this sense of the activity of the supernatural in our lives and consequently, how to control it,
  • where to find meaning and purpose,
  • and how to fill the longing on my heart (a.k.a. does anyone love me).

Consequently, of all these choices; of Jain, of Tao, of Confucius, of Muhammed and Hinduism and Judaism, why did I chose to become a follower of Jesus Christ? Because I met Him.

All these paths sought to answer the same questions. Some had similar stories and answers; but few religions had a claim to living god. Fewer still had a god that made any attempt to be understood or to regularly express love towards people and only two, Christianity and Judaism, had a God that pursued mankind with the intent of restoration and relationship with Himself. In fact, a main tenet of Christianity (the worship of God through Jesus Christ – it literally means to be a little-Christ) is the belief that God is alive, that Jesus Christ is still alive and that they interact with your life on a personal life, fighting for your good and your restoration to themselves.

Why; though? Why did I chose to find God through Jesus Christ? What do I mean by saying I met Him? There are two events that stand out in particular in answer to this question. The first of which, is a time that I remember looking for my grandmother. She had a small home and it occurred to me that there had been no sounds for a while. I went room to room looking for her to make sure she was ok. Little did I know that it would be a life changing moment. Upon opening the door to the last room, she was on her knees, beside the couch, praying. But, that’s not what struck me. What struck me was when I opened the door, a strong tangible presence of God Himself overwhelmed me. It was sense akin to the best mother’s love, security, comfort and knowing all in one. I knew she was in there praying to God. I knew that her religion taught that God was real, tangible, loving and in relationship with people; but there was no mistaking the reality of it on this day. That day, I met God, literally. He enveloped me with Himself and it was the highlight of my life. From that day forward, I never doubted that God was real and active.

Without a doubt, there are many other logical and intellectual reasons I have learned that the God of the Christian Bible is real. Living in this day and age we have the benefit of seeing the myriad of scientific and historical proof that the stories are real. In fact, science more and more proves that the Bible is true; with it’s dark matter, it’s against-logic-ever-expanding universe, it’s existence of the exact same molecules in different forms at the exact same time/conditions (scientific evidence the Trinity is possible), it’s inability to figure out what caused the first few nano-seconds of the big bang and the archeological evidence of modern times. I believe a person should know why they believe, should ask questions, should have doubts. It makes one’s faith stronger and more real that being a blind follower.

But what about you? Have you found the answer to the longing in your heart? Have you been able to overcome the desire to run and flee from the things that scare you? Do you yet know why you are here on this earth and found peace with what happens to you after you leave here?

You are right, you were made for more. You were made to be amazing. You do deserve to be loved. Will you come home? Will you run to the arms of Father God, who has been pursing you your whole life and let Him be in control? Stop right now and ask Him to be in control of your life. Tell Him that you want to do it His way, that you chose to believe He is true, that He wants you and ask Him to show you that He is real and that Jesus Christ is the way to Him. For more specific guidance, go here.

I promise you; following God through Jesus Christ will be the most radical, exciting and hardest thing you’ve ever done. You won’t be alone, though. He will become your best friend and the biggest love of your life.

Will you meet Him today?

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