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Earring Holes Problems

This is NOT medical advice. This is intended as life experiences we are sharing with you.

Getting Earrings can be problematic for those with Connective Tissue Disorders. Regardless, this advice should help most anyone struggling. Do seek medical treatment if this doesn’t help.

At the first sign, of any of these symptoms, you need to start dowsing the earlobes, front and back with warm salt water twice daily until it’s cleared up for a couple of days.

Do NOT ignore these symptoms. You can end up with fistulas or scar tissue that makes it difficult to re-pierce where you want.

Conditions like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can be very tricky in taking a turn for the worst. The first time we experienced this we had no swelling and no redness until within 24 hours we had fistulas. We had to abandon the ear holes and wait several years to start again (because of the trauma). We also did the medical plastic earrings the second time around to reduce problems.

Symptoms: Itchy, Red, Inflamed, Sore, Discharge of any kind or color.
You may have only one of these symptoms.

Do not use: Neosporin, Wound Care Spray, or Hydrogen Peroxide. These either cause the ear hole to heal and close over completely or kill tissue. Our dermatologist said not to use Alcohol but in the end, it was the thing that helped.

Do Use: Warm Salt Water and Hydrocortisone Cream (for itchiness or swelling) (This was told to us by the Dermatologist who did the ear piercing). It can also be helpful to take over the counter allergy medicine several days before and after the piercing, as well as for several days anytime you are having trouble.

The more you touch the ears/earrings the more irritated they will become.

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