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Did You Feel It?

January 25, 2023

Did you feel it? Did you feel the shift in the Heavens this week? For many, it started on Monday.

Did you feel the darkness, the slime, sadness and sorrow? Even your very life, family and sanity crumbling away? Did you have a family member go ballistic? If you did, then this word is for you.

It felt like the tide of God’s favor was going out and the evil was left exposed upon the shore. I believe a significant shift was made in the heavens and that we have moved to a next phase. Did everyone feel it? Of course not. But something has shifted and I don’t want you to be left wondering: “What is wrong with me?” I don’t want the feelings you experienced to move you into a position of hopelessness; but, instead to move you closer to God and His ways.

The world has had His grace, His patience while multitudes made camp in the Valley of Decision (Joel 3:14). In 2020, Fear came to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fear permeated the earth in the name of disease as God gave us the choice. Chose, this day, whom you will serve. (Joshua 24:15) Will you worship fear or will you worship Me? His patience endured for a season while we wrestled and adjusted and while we gained the muscles, training and endurance to thrive in this new season. Sadly, however, many have refused to leave that valley and are still trying to go back to life as normal, pretending Jesus is not returning and a decision for Him does not need to be made.

Since this nation was born, God’s hand of protection and favor has permeated the atmosphere of the land. As people have more and more welcomed the idols of old to run amok, God’s love is not as easy to find. It makes the light even brighter and causes the fakers to be exposed. Tuesday night it was as if God’s removed even more of His grace over the earth and those that have been pretending. It was a manifestation of Romans 1:24 where God says “He gives people over to the evil desires of their heart.” What you saw in others was no surprise to God. It’s been there all along and He is letting it come out publicly.

Why am I writing this?
As of this writing, I’ve asked 7 friends and everyone single one has said they felt it. Three have had a family member go off the deep end just in the last 48 hours. These were people spread from the Mexico border to Colorado, so it wasn’t just a warfare attack on San Antonio. Every single one of those I asked felt it in the first person; meaning, they felt the evil, they felt like their world was under attack, they felt like it was in their own mind. They laid in bed for hours unable to sleep, but only to pray. These were believers. You need to know this was not you, not your sin. You need to know this was a spiritual dynamic. You need to know this to know how to respond.

Why did you feel this evil?

  1. You are a spiritual being, intended to sense the Spirit of God at work. You may have the gift of discernment or you may simply have been tuned into the dynamic going on.
  2. It gives you compassion. Imagine if what you felt and experienced this week was your new normal. Imagine if you did not have God’s love in your heart to heal what you felt and to stand firm in His power and authority. Now, use that to motivate you to have compassion on others who went ballistic on you or who disowned you or any others you meet in the future that don’t allow God’s love and salvation into their lives and share Jesus with them; which brings us to the next point.
  3. It motivates you. It motivates you to share your testimony, share encouraging words and open your mouth for the gospel when before life seemed to run on normal. That’s a horizontal expression of God’s love in you for others. Then there’s the vertical expression towards God in intercession. You can impact the atmosphere and the lives of those around you through your prayers.

What if you didn’t feel this evil?

That’s truly of no consequence. Maybe it wasn’t a message for you. Maybe God already sent you the message and you’re already walking this out. There’s really no need to speculate.

What You Need to Know

We have marched to the end of the Valley of Decision and God has removed the grace to vacillate. He said He would shake everything that could be shaken (Heb 12:26-27) and He has.

He said the time to decide was upon us and truly it came. That you felt the evil doesn’t mean you are evil. It means that you were sensing what was happening.

What do you do?

Celebrate that you sensed what He was doing and determine to abide in Him, to remain steadfast in intercession and to stay in an attitude of thanksgiving and worship of the Almighty. The harvest, is indeed, coming. Are you ready to disciple and equip? Are you and your church ready to heal and deliver the broken people that are coming? Even let the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 10:27, Proverbs 19:23, Isaiah 33:6) be felt anew and let it be a reminder that we should be sober minded. (1 Peter 5:8)

Finally, as I prayed through the feelings I felt and about the people I had heard of who went off the deep end that night, the Lord spoke some very specific things. I want to leave you with those in your head and not my words. This is what He said.

“Do not grieve for those that made their choice. (Jer 16:5) I pursued them and pleaded with them. Their hatred towards you has nothing to do with you. It is Me they hate. The things they thought they hid in their character are now plain for all to see. (Mark 4:22, Luke 8:17, Luke 12:2) The things they spewed in their hearts are now exposed. They hate Me. They tried to erase Me. They took my silence as impotence or permission. They ignored My grace and patience.

You have made your choice to follow Me. Do not let that go. This is not the time for passivity. You must rest and abide in Me to survive this next season. You must tune into my voice to hear my sweet song over you instead of their rantings. Remember, your battle is not against flesh and blood. So do not give space in your head and hear to the rantings of a demonized person. They are not your truth.


(If their accusations bother you, ) Ask of Me if you are in sin. Ask of me if you have wronged. Ask of me and I will answer.

Against the devil, you stand your ground. Follow my teachings. Follow all that I have taught you. Do not let the devil run rampant in your mind. Walk humbly. Abide in Me. Rest in me and let Me do the battle; but, you must pray. You must partner your prayers with My prayers, My words. You must read My words and learn to war in the Spirit with them. The time of waiting is over and the time of justice is here.

Tell them I AM is coming.

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