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The Miracle of the Visors

I had the privilege of going on mission trips when I was a teenager through Acteens, a church organization;. and on one of the trips we were in Belize.  We were doing Vacation Bible School and we had taken visors, little visors, for that day’s craft. We had 50 visors, a certain number of visors.

Because this was day three, if you don’t know when you do a Vacation Bible School, if the Vacation Bible School is good then each day you have more kids. If the vacation Bible school is kind of lame then each day you have less kids. Well, this Vacation Bible School must have been really good because each day we virtually doubled our numbers.

And by this, this like the third day, we probably had 200 kids and we had planned on 50. We didn’t have visors. There was no way. There was no way to go and purchase more visors. We were in a remote location. We were in Belize. There was no Walmart to run down the road to, this was in the 1980s. Yet, at the end of that day, every child went home with a visor and we had visors left over.

Folks, that’s a bonafide miracle. I’m not making this up. There are other witness. The visors were multiplied and that’s the kind of God we serve. He shows up and, and my advice to you, if you’re wanting to see miracles like that, first of all is ask. He loves it when we ask for things.

He loves it when we pursue the more so ask him, God, would you cultivate my heart to see more miracle? It’s hard to see miracles, if you have a heart of unbelief and anger; but, you learn to trust and you learn to expect, and you learn to have a little fun with God, then these things are easier. I’m not saying they happen all the time.There’s plenty of times when I’ve asked for a miracle and not gotten one, but I trust God’s sovereignty. But in this case, every kid went home with a visor; and, it was a great testimony to the glory of the Lord.

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