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How To Make Jesus Christ Your Boss & Savior


To accept Jesus as your Savior, it’s quite a simple process, to begin with, it’s life changing. First, you admit that you’re a sinner. Sinner is a churchy word and it it’s simply an archery term. You’ve drawn back with your archer’s bow, and it means that you missed the mark. That’s all; you missed the mark. You missed the bullseye.

It doesn’t mean you missed the target; doesn’t mean you hurt anybody. It simply means you missed the bullseye. That’s simply what sin is. We screwed up. We did it our way instead of God’s way.

There’s nobody on the planet that’s not guilty of that; but because of God’s holiness, he’s so perfect and so pure that he cannot, will not, be in the presence of any sin. He requires a blood payment, and that’s what he sent Jesus for. He sent Jesus to die on the cross. His only son, His perfect son, the only one that has ever not known sin, and He died on the cross to pay for our sin.

We believe in that and we accept that as our payment; Not only his death, but that three days later, he was resurrected to new life and then ascended into heaven after appearing to his disciples and talking with people and doing more. Finally, after you’ve admitted that you are messed up and you need a savior, you believe that Jesus Christ is your savior, then you confess him out loud with your mouth to every spiritual being that is listening, and hopefully to some humans as well.

Jesus is your Lord, your boss and your Savior. This simply means you are inviting Him to come and have His way in your life; that as you learn His ways you will obey; that you will do things in a new way. It does not mean you’re gonna stop cussing overnight, most of the time. It does not mean that you have to be perfect; some goody two shoes.

It doesn’t mean that you need to look like every other church goer you’ve ever seen; exact opposite. You need to be who God made you to be. If you’re a motorcycle rider, you need to keep being a leather riding motorcycle rider; unless God tells you to stop. Sometimes He will ask us to lay things down for a season because they were an idol to us, a god that we worshiped; and then, oftentimes I’ve seen that decades later, He will bring that back around and bless it like you’ve never seen before.

But that’s the grand adventure. I hope that you’ve done that today, and if you’ve prayed that prayer, if you prayed a prayer and talked to God and asked Him to be your savior, tell somebody. It makes a difference. The next step is to find a Bible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a New American Standard, an NIV, which is a New International Version, New King James or a Passion Translation. I love that one . It’s a paraphrase, but it really shows you the heart of God. Get a Bible. Start reading in the New Testament, the new fresh covenant; read books like John or Matthew or Mark or Luke, and start discovering who God really is, not who the world has told you; or who some broken church model told you He was.

Start discovering Him for yourself. At some point, you’re going to want to find a church family to support one another, to love and be loved by. You’ll probably try a few before you find one you like; and that’s okay. There’s as many flavors of churches as there are flavors of people; and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Find where you fit.

Begin this grand adventure of learning to hear the voice of God and abiding in Him. There are secrets that He wants to tell you. He wants to bring freedom and deliverance to you. Freedom from addiction, freedom from depression, freedom from all of these things. Unfortunately, not all churches know about how to bring you this freedom, but they’re out there.

In your prayers as you talk to God, whether you’re driving down the road or on your knees by your bed or making dinner, it doesn’t matter; but, as you talk to God, ask Him for things. Ask him to bring you believers and where you fit. Ask him to heal you from whatever you need healing for; and watch and wait and be active in your faith and you will have a grand adventure.

Thank you for trusting me today.

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