My Funny Disclaimer

For all those gifted Grammar People out there, let me just go ahead and apologize to you.  I switch tense.  A lot.

I dictate most of these things in the night or in the car or in places not conducive to concentrating, like being surrounded by children.  I probably start a lot of sentences with “But.” At least I do while dictating. Many of them are removed BUT some slip through when I tire of writing.

Guess what?  I’m learning, I’m trying and I’m choosing to begin writing now instead of continue to lose years waiting for perfection or at least a little polish, to arrive at my doorstep.  In a box.  With a ribbon on it. 🙂  Can you see me smirking?

Furthermore, I’m a weird combination of being extremely literal and a generalist. If I say I’ll be there in 7 minutes, I’ll be there in 7 minutes.  (I’m Swedish, what can I say?)  I, however, a not a detail person.  My goal is to get the thought down and let you run with the details; giving your mind something to ponder and flesh out.

That said, know that I  love you guys, with the love of the Father and if you would please look over my faults, that would be a great help.  Unless I have toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe or spinach in my teeth… PLEASE tell me !!

Get out there!  Live life to the fullest and live it now!


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