How Does God Speak
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How Does God Speak?

I’ll expound more on this later, but in there are several ways God speaks to people.

Do you have to be a Christian to hear God speak? Absolutely not, there are countless instances wherein God spoke to or directed the actions of someone that was not currently following Him; From Cyrus in the Bible to John Voigt in modern times.

What are some of the important points to know?

–When I say “in prayer” I mean all kinds of prayer including formal prayer, whether on your knees or not, the dialoguing-with-God-prayer you do throughout the day while going about your normal activities, singing prayer, meditative silence. I mean all forms of communication with God.

–Some people refer to many of these types as “I heard God say…” I prefer to be more specific because it confuses people and they take on shame and condemnation that they don’t ‘hear’ God. Instead, you might say, ‘I sense God is indicating…’, ‘I see a picture…’, ‘I believe God is saying…’ In all of these types, you are ‘hearing’ God.

–The more consistency you spend time in the written word of God (logos), The Bible, the more easily you can hear the voice (rhema) of God. Consecrating your life by spending time in worship, rejecting worldly values like violence, perverse things and the like go a long way, too.

–The last tip I’ll mention is that, understand God most frequently speaks to you in the way He created your mind to function. Are you a visual learner? You’ll tend to see pictures. Are you a thinker-doer? You’ll tend to get downloads and just ‘know’ something, especially while doing relaxing things hobbies like gardening, fishing, or while actively praying for others.

What are some of the actual ways God communicates?

  • A Scripture verse that you see, that is an answer to a question you have been asking;
  • A Scripture verse that seems to jump off the page while you are reading it;
  • A Scripture verse that you are unfamiliar with the comes to mind, especially while in prayer;
  • A thought that comes to mind, especially in prayer;
  • A picture that comes to mind, especially in prayer;
  • A thought that won’t leave you alone and is not normal for you;
  • Full color videos playing in your mind;
  • Circumstances fall into place after seeking whether it is God’s will;
  • A memory that comes to mind, especially when asking God ‘why’ questions;
  • Dreams in the night;
  • Open visions in the day;
  • An audible voice; although, this is rare;
  • A song on the radio;
  • Billboards, lisence plates, t-shirts, etc;
  • Prophetic words from others, although these are usually confirmations of the above items God has communicated to you.

Where can I find more information?

There are great resources on hearing the voice of God. Here are a couple.

  • George Mueller – Man of Faith Series contains his strategies for hearing God to bring in millions of dollars to fund the orphanages without ever asking anyone for a penny. His goal wasn’t to provide for orphans. His goal was to show people that God still answers prayer. >>Find a Free download on this website.
  • Loren Cunningham, instigator of the Youth With A Mission movement, has a well-written book on the subject; “Is That Really You God?

I hope you find what you are searching for. I pray that as you read this you are inspired to believe in the personal communication of God. It will be an adventure.

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