I’ve just decided to Homeschool. Now what?

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I frequently suggest three resources for beginning home schooling. The first is Diana Johnson’s The Starting Point. This booklet was produced by a local home schooling mom, who also works at The Scroll – Christian Bookstore in Tyler, TX. You can read some of the chapters on-line at

The second resource is the WEB.  Start with Home School Legal Defense Association’s is a great place.  Then check out the Texas Home School Coalition’s web site: Click on the Getting Started section.

The third, Alpha Omega publications gives an excellent overview of some crucial questions to ask.
*What kind of Homeschooling Method is right for you?
*What is your teaching style and your child’s learning style and so forth?

The Bottom Line
1.  Find out the learning style of each of your kids as well as finding out your learning/teaching style.

2.  Think about what kind of life you want for your child when they are an adult and create your curriculum and budget accordingly.   That will change from one year to the next, but be prepared.  My son want to be an engineer so his curriculum is math, science and engineering heavy.  While I want his writing skills to be excellent, they nearly kill him, and so he has to meet minimum standards but I’m going to push him harder to excel in his stronger abilities….the things he’s going to be paid for as an adult.

No one ‘wants’ to spend thousands of dollars on education.  We all ‘want’ it to be included as part of our society.  However, if you have made the choice to home school, be prepared that it will take a large chunk of your budget and be willing to sacrifice accordingly.  Your child is worth it.

3.  Get to your local bookstores and spend at least an hour, without your kids, perusing through books.  Ask questions of the staff.  In Tyler, TX, The Scroll is a phenomenal resource and wealth of knowledge.  Although I haven’t been to Mardel’s in Longview, that chain typically has a great home school section.  If it’s the time of year that you can attend a Used Curriculum sale, then do so.  Please make sure to support your local bookstores as much as possible!  We need them!

4.  Join a Support Group, like TACHE and get involved!  You’ll only feel as get out of it as much as you put it!

5.  Expect a rough start as you all get the hang of it.  Have grace for your kids and for yourself.  It gets better!

6.  Don’t give up.  Keep asking questions, try new things and figure out what works for your family.



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