We would love to join you at your small group or congregation for Worship and Prayer and your business for Motivational Coaching!

Here’s what we commonly get invited to do:

  1. Attend or host a worship and/or prayer event – the theme of such an event is completely up to whatever the Lord puts on your heart.  We will visit before arrival to confirm the needs and expectations for our time together.  As we are not a church, we always strive for a spirit of “honor” in submitting to whatever leadership structure is present, especially for group or organizational invitations (especially congregations / churches).
  2. Pray with and encourage individuals – with a focus on hearing and communicating the Lord’s heart for each specific person.  Often the Lord will bring up specific scriptures, thoughts or words of encouragement for where people are, and especially what His heart is for that person.
  3. Lead a conference or event – again, the theme for the event can be completely up to whatever the Lord puts on your heart.  Our passion and calling is to connect individuals to the heart of the Lord, most often through times of intimate worship and prayer.

The Lord’s ability to greatly impact people right where they are is always an exciting process to watch – we’ve seen many looks of amazement and joy at what the Lord brings up and accomplishes in people’s lives through these times.

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