Points Covered:

  • Last week, we had to do a lot of guesswork to measure distances.  This week, you learned that your PortView to use your Motor Sensor to tell you how many “degrees” you moved.  Remember, this is not how we normally think of a 90 degree turn, this is degrees of motor turns.  Remember, also, that treads take more degrees than your motor sensor will be displaying.
  • Make sure to name your programs with recognizable names!
  • We answered the Questions to Think About from last week.
  • There are two types of turns.  Pivot and Spin
  • We talked about how battery level can affect the robot not moving as far as you programmed it to.
  • We strongly recommend you not run programs on top of the kitchen table, due to the risk of driving off the table.
  • We began learning the shortcuts of Ctrl-C, V, & S ; especially, when duplicating blocks.

One neat resource mentioned was robomatter.com/VirtualBrick      This resource is great for those without Kits and more than one child that can program & test on their own computers, then run it on their shared physical robot.

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