In this week’s class we will take your picture and record your voice.  You may sing a song, read a poem or simply hoop and holler.  You can use your robot to ask your parents for something, like gum 🙂

We will then upload them to your software and teach you to use them.

Custom Sounds
Tools>Sound Editor>Record Your Own Voice
Tips:  An old Dell laptop needed an external mic to get good quality, while a newer Asus tablet’s built in mic worked just fine.

Custom Images
Tools:Image Editor>Open any jpg or png and play with the settings until you get the desired look.  When choosing images, remember, it will convert them to Black and White so the less detail you use, the better.  We had the best luck with a minecraft grass block and an X wing fighter.

The best, simple, lesson PDF is at – Custom Images and Sounds

Basic Line Follower
The concept of a line follower is that the color sensor (pointing towards the floor) will see the color desired and move left and right along it’s edges.

Again, see the pdf lessons at ev3lessons for details.

Tips:  One student found that -50 worked better than -20.
One student was not able to get it to work class.  The only difference was that his color sensor was about an inch and a half off the floor, while the one that worked was only .25″ away from the line.
We used Blue Painters tape.



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